I love YA books, but the amount of romance in them drives me crazy! I know this is something a lot of people have written posts about, but its something that frustrates me. At first I thought I might write my own post about it. But I couldn’t think of many YA books without romance off the top of my head. So I decided to make a page for it, and every time I find a book without romance, I’ll add it.

The List

  • Circle of Magic by Tamora Pierce.

I’m not entirely sure this is YA, but it’s one of my favourite series, and I think it can be enjoyed by all ages. I think part of the reason these books don’t have romance is because the characters are somewhat young. But it’s still refreshing to read a book without romance, especially when the group of friends involves three girls and a boy, who don’t decide they’re in love with each other.

  • The Circle Opens by Tamora Pierce.

This is set in the same world as Circle Of Magic, when the characters are a bit older. This series is quite a bit darker, and definitely YA. There is no actual romance, although in one book, a character feels attracted to another character, its nothing big.