My name is Iris, I’m 14 years old, and I adore reading. I also love to tell people my opinions, so I thought a book blog sounded like a great idea.

I spend most of my spare time reading, but I do have some other interests as well. When I’m not reading (or on the computer looking at bookish stuff), I spend a lot of my time doing arts and crafts, especially beading. I also love to listen to music (actually, I often do that while reading as well), and I love acting and public speaking.

I’m homeschooled, which is really great, because it means I have more free time (and I can sleep later!), and I can learn things at my own pace, and go deeper into the subjects that interest me. Because I don’t have school, my family can travel a lot. We travel less now than we used to, because now that I’m a bit older I want to see my friends more, and I do have some activities, like drama, and I don’t want to miss them, but  we still travel a decent amount.

I read a large variety of things, but my favourite genre has always been fantasy. I love it. I love the magic, and I will always prioritize a fantasy above a book in any other genre. Another thing I love in books is humour. If a book has no humour, I find it dry and boring. I don’t need it to be a really funny book, I just need some humour. Also dragons. I love dragons, I think more books should have dragons. Ideally dragons who don’t get slain, because really why are they always evil? Why can’t there be more nice dragons?


As you can probably tell, I often get carried away talking about books (or dragons) when I’m trying to talk about something else. Like myself. Or my travel plans. Or basically anything that isn’t books.