Bookish This or That Tag – Fun Collab With Luana @ Bookstormgirl!

This or That tag

Hey everyone!

I’m so sorry I disappeared (again) for a little bit there… And I even had post ideas this time, so I have no excuse…

Today I’m doing a collab post with Luana @ Bookstormgirl, and we had so much fun writing this! Also her blog is super fun, and you should definitely go check it out!

We stole this fun* tag from Cait @ Paperfury (Technically we were given permission, but stealing is way more fun, so we stole it anyways). Oh, and we also added on a few questions ourselves!g

It consists of a lot of impossible choices and general torture. Fun stuff that.

And now I’ll let Luana introduce herself!

Luana: *tries to hide from the spotlight* Oh, okay, there’s no way around this, so… hi!! I’m Luana. Which you’ve been told. I’m probably failing at this introduction, but I’m basically a tiny book dragon known for crazily screaming about random stuff, and occasionally making sense, which makes you wonder why Iris would let me make a mess on her blog? I can’t complain, though, I had a ton of fun.

Iris: Okay, but seriously, I had a ton of fun too! You were awesome to write this with, and you made perfect sense all the way through!

Aaaand, now you can go right ahead and watch us suffer our way through this evil tag!

*Aka, torturous and painful.



Iris: I’m going to have to go series. I like standalones, but they usually leave me wanting more. Honestly so do series if they’re really good, but… less so.

So series for me!

Luana: Same!! Most of the books I read are part of a series… Which does NOT help my TBR’s size. There are some standalones I love, but… Then I wish they were a series too…


Luana: I’m having a hard time thinking of books with earned magic… But, I love characters that are born with magic and didn’t know it. Especially if it turns everything upside down for them and drives them sort of insane… Sorry not sorry.

Iris: Honestly same. I love born magic, but when the character doesn’t realize they have it! And when they do… And also earned magic… I just love magic. Period.

But agreed, born magic where the character doesn’t realize they have it is my favourite.


Iris: Enemies-to-lovers all the way. It’s basically my favorite trope ever, and I also actually don’t love friends-to-lovers… It can be done well, but in general I’d prefer the friends to stay friends.

Also enemies-to-lovers is just an amazing trope.

Luana: I LOVE BOTH SO MUCH, it’s hard to choose! I have to say, though, friends-to-lovers can be a bit predictable sometimes… But the banter in both is  great. I think my choice would be enemies-to-friends-to-lovers…. Is that sort of cheating??

Iris: Only a little… 🙂 It’s close enough…



Luana: No… why… This tag is evil. I can’t live without either of them. What do you think?

Iris: Argh, same! This question is impossible! Quite honestly, my only logic is that without hilarious banter, I’m less likely to love the characters, and therefore less likely to be emotionally ruined, and therefore hilarious banter is more necessary.

However that is VERY flimsy logic… And also untrue a lot of the time… But it’s my logic, and I’m sticking with it!

Luana: We could just say the banter is part of the emotional ruin. Then we get both. Because we’re smart.



Iris: Ooh, this is a tough one! I hate both of these tropes with a fiery passion! However, I think I’m going to have to go with insta love. It’s annoying, but if the characters have enough chemistry, it can sort of work.

Where as love triangles are the spawn of the devil.

Luana: Agh, yes! I can’t stand insta love, but love triangles just make me want to throw the book against a wall!! I’ve seen people say they can be fine if done right… I doubt that can happen for me. So, insta-love it is. It’ll just have to be impressively amazing, or I’ll roll my eyes.


Luana: I’m torn. Keyboard-smash names are so very annoying, but they can actually be sort of cool at times… And all names with the same letter seems confusing, but I guess they’d hurt your eyes less? I’ll go with keyboard-smash, I suppose. The other option seems to be part of a really bland, strange book… (hopefully it won’t mean I’m stuck with a really cliche high fantasy instead)

Iris: They’re both annoying, but I have to say I prefer keyboard smash names. It’s soooo confusing when names all start with the same letter, but I can usually actually vaguely remember the combination of letters in keyboard smash names, even if I can’t pronounce them.

And being able to tell characters apart is helpful.

Luana: We can just make the pronounciation up… No one will know any better…



Iris: I… don’t really have a preference… I just have no strong feelings towards either… I don’t love them, and I don’t hate them.

I guess maybe mean parents? I’m not sure why… I just slightly prefer them.

Luana: I guess dead parents are used as a plot excuse too often, while mean parents are usually there, JUST MAKING YOU MAD all the time…

If done well, though, I’ll choose dead parents. Pain over anger. Don’t ask how this makes sense.


Luana: Ugggh, these are both so annoying… But whiny characters complaining about their looks all the time are probably worse. So supermodel looks it is.

Iris: Saaaame! They’re both REALLY annoying, but characters who are constantly whining about how ugly and plain they are get on my nerves. So supermodel looks is marginally better.


Iris: Typography all the way. Faces on covers are good occasionally, but really NOT my favourite. And typography on covers is almost always gorgeous! (In my opinion)

Luana: I’m with you! There are exceptions, but most covers with faces on them aren’t so good… I do like them when they do something unusual to it, but typography covers are so much more likely to be amazing.



Luana: These are both so amazing!!! The hero turning a little bad is usually harder to deal with… Like, I’m just worrying my sanity away that they’ll be broken forever and never be fine again. But, the angst can be nice. And villains turning a little good are so conflicting! You want to hate then, but then you love them too?? So I’m not sure what to choose… I’ll say villain turning a little good for the intrigue of it.

Iris: This question is too hard! I ADORE both of these tropes! I *think* I’m going to have to go with villain turning a little bit good, just because while I usually love it when the hero turns a little bit bad, I’ve read books where it wasn’t done well…? Or at least where it bugged me a bit…


Iris: This is a HARD one! I… I want them to both stay alive.

I guess it’s going to depend on the characters, but usually best friend… I feel like I should be saying love interest, but the fact is, I get ATTACHED to love interests, and the best friends often just aren’t as well developed. So best friend dies, even though I feel like a terrible person for saying it.

Luana: I know what you mean, the love interest is usually so much more developed… BUT there are so many exceptions too… So if they’re all cinnamon rolls of a character, this is basically impossible. I’m going to say… hmm… Okay, I’ll just hope the love interest is a silly crush they barely even knew in the first place, and have them die. That should make it easier. Maybe.


Luana: I suppose I’ll brace myself for the cringe worthy writing, because I can’t stand dull plots. It can’t be a good book with a dull plot, and it’d just ruin the perfect writing anyway. It’d feel like an exaggerated, fake, flowery piece of text.

Iris: I’m going to say awesome writing with a dull plot. Plot has never been the most important part of a book to me, and if the writing and characters are good, I can deal with a bad plot.

Luana: You sort of made me rethink my answer… I do like character-driven books much more than plot-driven ones. But then I guess I consider that to be a good plot, even if not much happens. So if the “action” is slow, but the characters are amazing and make you love everything… Then I’d choose the same answer as you.



Iris: Hmm… My broken heart wants me to say cliffhanger ending, but I know deep down that I love heartbreaking endings. So heartbreaking ending? I guess?

Luana: They’re both somewhat torturous… But give me the heartbreak. I’ll just happily sob (in my head, anyway), and at least won’t have to go crazy wondering what happens next for a whole year. It’s a small consolation… I suppose… We love painful books?? We’re just weird.


Luana: Oh this is where we hurt our precious books as payback for destroying us… Just kidding, just kidding. I’d hate both of these, but dog-earing sounds like the less damaging option.

Iris: I hate both of these so much! But I think I’m going with breaking the spine…? Dog-earing just feels really pointless to me, whereas at least spine breaking makes it easier to read? But ugh I hate them both so much.

Luana: We’ll be sensible outside this tag. And do neither.

Iris: Exactly.


Iris: I have to admit, I actually love the tragic bad boy trope, WHEN IT’S DONE WELL. So I’m going with that one. Because characters who are too perfect are just annoying, and bad boys, if they’re done well (emphasis on this, because they can also be done TERRIBLY), are actually quite interesting to read.

Luana: SAME. But, in the eventual case that it’s done badly and it’s just an absurd abusive relationship that shouldn’t even happen, I say we get rid of that, have them fall for the “perfect” boy, AND THEN, discover he’s a villain. That should work. (I mean… I’m still grieving from a certain book I read years ago…)

Iris: Okay, but I really want to read that plotline now. It sounds amazing.


I Tag:

No pressure to do it of course, but I’d love to see your answers! 😛

So I’m curious. Love triangle or insta love? Hilarious banter or emotional ruin? And what are your thoughts on dog-earing and breaking the spine?


Join the discussion and tell us your opinion.

Brianna @ Brianna the Bookwormreply
July 29, 2018 at 3:28 pm

Okay I had so much fun reading these answers!! I pretty much agreed on everything both of you said.

I LOVE enemies to lovers as well (I mean Carry On by Rainbow Rowell is probably my favorite book so clearly I love this trope).

Also, that question about insta love or love triangles is actual torture to answer. Both as just so so so bad.

Honestly, ALL these questions are so hard to answer😂 but I want to attempt to do this now so thank you for the tag😊

Iris @ Hoard of Booksreply
July 29, 2018 at 5:20 pm
– In reply to: Brianna @ Brianna the Bookworm

Seriously, enemies to lovers is my favourite trope ever! And oh my gosh, the romance in Carry On is just perfect! Ahhh, now I want to reread it!

And aren’t they just SO HARD?! But fun too… I hope you enjoy it if you do it! 🙂 (lol, good luck! You’ll need it :P)

Luana @Bookstormgirlreply
August 4, 2018 at 1:04 pm

Let me just scream at you for the thousandth time… THANKS FOR DOING THIS WITH ME!! 😆 It was great to be tortured with you, you’re an awesome partner in suffering. And crime. It was a bit of both.

Iris @ Hoard of Booksreply
August 4, 2018 at 1:36 pm
– In reply to: Luana @Bookstormgirl

Thank YOU! I feel like we keep just going back and forth saying this… but I had so much fun! Thank you for suffering and crimeing with me! (Crimeing is a word, don’t question me.)

The Temperamental Writerreply
August 4, 2018 at 4:23 pm

AHHHHHH. These questions are too hard. Like names?? It’s SO confusing when all the names start with the same letter, but keyboard smash names that I can’t pronounce actually stress me out. Every time I get to them I lowkey panic because I don’t even know how to say it in my head. Help.
I agree with you about magic-born, but not knowing it. Another thing I love is magic-born where they DO know it but they struggle with knowing how to deal with how it makes them different from the people around them. I like it because I think everyone deals with this to some extent- not having magic, I mean. Just feeling like you’re different from other people around and maybe being afraid that you’re going to hurt someone and sometimes feeling like your differences are bad even when they aren’t really. Of course, this trope can be VERY BADLY DONE. Sometimes the protagonist just comes across as moping all the time and then I want to shove the book under a couch cushion and leave it there for the foreseeable future.
Great post! I applaud you for conquering so many impossible decisions 🙂

Iris @ Hoard of Booksreply
August 4, 2018 at 5:52 pm
– In reply to: The Temperamental Writer

Aren’t they just SO HARD?!
Honestly I hate keyboard smash names so much, but I just find them (slightly) less confusing than names that all start with the same letter.
And that trope is amazing too! I love the emotional struggle that comes with it, and yeah, it’s something everyone deals with to some extent, so it feels so real. Although yeah, it can be done poorly… and then the character just spends the whole book moping about having magic, and it’s just like stop. You have MAGIC. STOP COMPLAINING! But usually it’s great! 😁

August 4, 2018 at 11:41 pm

All your answers were so much fun to read!! To be honest, I agree with most – especially enemies to lovers. Listen, I may not love a lot of tropes, but that one will always get me. Half the time I’m torn between continuing reading or flinging the book across the room and begging the characters to just KISS ALREADY, DAMNIT. dhdksk but yeah, there’s a lot of other tropes I hate (insta love + characters whining about their looks) and these questions look truly torturous to answer?? congratulations on making it through the whole post alive 😔

Iris @ Hoard of Booksreply
August 5, 2018 at 12:07 am
– In reply to: Aris

Aww, thanks! And honestly that is EXACTLY how I feel about enemies to lovers! They are perfection, but can they just KISS ALREADY!!
And uuuuggghh, insta love and characters whining about their looks are the absolute WORST.
(lololol, they truly were torturous…! I’m honestly shocked I made it through alive 😂)

CG @ Paper Furyreply
August 6, 2018 at 5:37 pm

AHH I LOVE THAT OU DID THIS. YOU ARE BOTH FAB. I also gleefully sit here in my evil lair laughing at the suffering of some of the questions.😂Some of them were impossible right?!
Ok but must say: breaking spine over dogearing pages aghhhh. I CANNOT DOG EAR EVER.
And I do pick the bad-boy over the golden-boy. Unless I can have both, aka The Raven Cycle where Gansey is Gold and Ronan is BAD and they’re actually somehow still friends?!😂

Iris @ Hoard of Booksreply
August 7, 2018 at 8:42 am
– In reply to: CG @ Paper Fury

Agreed… Dog-earing just makes me cringe! I mean… so does spine breaking, but… it’s not AS bad. Barely. But still.
And ooh, yes! Gansey and Ronan honestly just have the best friendship, and I love them together!

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